For your Information

For your Information

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Welcome to LMNOP

I am Tommy formerly known as eVolakim and currently known as LMNOP.
I spend most of my time creating. Most of the stuff I create is classified as Audio.
OK, I write and perform music. Obsession and Compulsion are two words that spring to mind when describing my feelings toward my creations. Passion is another. This is what I do. Love it or hate it (and sometimes I do both simultaneously.) As for YOU. Do you love it or hate it? Or do you simply not give a fuck? All are perfectly reasonable responses. Either way, I created (there I go creating again ! God I'm clever !) I created this collection of...........what have you, for YOUR enjoyment. And MINE! After all, what better way to share one's creations and attempt to become "known" than the good ol' fashioned interwebz? Here is a "place" that may or may not exist,(depending on your perception) where I can shamelessly plug ME ! I can sell "ME" as if I were some new flimsy, plastic product that YOU simply cannot live without. TRUST ME. You NEED this! THis will make your boring, ordinary, pathetic and meaningless existence one million times better than it was a second ago! Seriously, you suck. Oh jeez, don't get all defensive like that. You've always known it. It's just that no one has ever said it. But now you have. Said it and acknowledged it. The absolute truth that rings through it is so utterly amazing and retarded. (NOTE: Ignore that last line)
So here we are! Go forth and be entertained and/or (insert wonderful feeling.) I am the American Dream in action! I'm also Jesus Christ! And if you don't believe in him(me.) Then, I'm that other prophet they said you should listen to. OK I'm done now.

OnWard SOldier :)

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