For your Information

For your Information

Friday, July 16, 2010

I haven't posted on this blog in quite awhile. It's kinda hard to keep up w/ especially when it really doesn't mean shit because no one reads it. Anyway, if anyone does happen toread this: I am looking for a few wonderful and talented people to accompany me in making music. This project is something I've been writing songs for forever! I have about 11 songs totally written and arranged and have recorded and mastered 3 of them. I will be releasing the record when I'm finished. I guess it could be described as electronic/Pop/Punk/Indie. I'm not a huge fan of labels but just to give you an idea. I have played all instruments on the record but I do need a Bassist and Drummer for live shows. I found a drummer but he lives kinda far away. Hopefully it works out. Also, to set things straight, I'm not just looking for back-up musicians to play my music. I also want to collaborate and write more music. I'm posting this because I'm having a hell of a time finding people who are actually serious about music. Many of the people I encounter love music and all but consider it more of a hobby. Their "Real Life" consists of their shitty factory job that they hate. But hey, that's just reality, right? Ya gotta eat.
Well I don't have a shitty "real job". MUSIC is my job and my life and I WILL MAKE ITºººººººº0TRUST ME. Get at me and WE WILL MAKE IT!

Hope to hear from YOU!


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