For your Information

For your Information

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Novation Launchpad- I love this thing!

I've had this sweet little piece of electronic erotica for a minute now. I spent a long time trying to use it in some new, innovative way that no one has ever heard of, all the while missing the point. So, after some interesting experimentation I discovered this device's infinite power as a controller! Customizing control for as many FX, plug-ins, and DJ tools is where this bad boy shines! ºººIMHOººº The step-sequencer and the Monome Emulator were pretty cool to play with but I have no real, practical use for them. While DJ'ing, I use the LP to control :

1. Session View clips> (obviously) Launching tracks and loops while performing Live.
I programmed a button to silence track 1 and 2 while I launch a short vocal sample or some other random loop as a break.

2. User 2> Bottom row of 8 buttons controls the crossfader.
Next two rows up control filters on both Dj tracks.
A row controls beat repeats' grid.
One button for "repeat"
Another button turns "on" and "off" another Beatslicer plug-in called Replicant by
Audio Damage.
I have a ping pong delay effect set up that I control w/ a row of 8 buttons.
dry/wet and feedback simultaneously.

3.Mixer> Controls are default but very useful indeed!
I have a RVerb on send A and a H-Delay on B.

That's just one of many DJ templates I have saved as a Live Set.
It's so much fun bouncing back and forth between pages: Session, User 1, User 2, Mixer. So much more fun than a traditional cross-fader. I love DJ'ing w/ this thing.



  1. just thought i'd comment on this too, since i'm the one who got it 4 you, because i'm the most amazing girlfriend ever!!! haha . ^_^